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Frank's Favorites of the 50's
Frank DiGiovannangelo
Philadelphia, PA
United States

I am sorry for the inconvenience. Due to low bandwidth from people downloading this entire site at one time I have decided to cut down the songs on my 50's and 60's oldies site. I pay for sheet music, software and equipment and receive nothing for my time, so I am not going to pay for extra bandwith at this time... Some of my oldies can be found on my other sites on the web... I will keep up the complete song list and rotate songs monthly since all the search engines point here. If anyone wants 1 or 2 songs, just Email me. I will send them to you by email. Myself, I enjoyed coming to this site and just playing along with songs as I clicked on an oldie or two. That's why I have the KEY signatures next to each song. Often I have company over and picked up my guitar and clicked on a 50's song to show them how I worked on and played different parts to create the final work. I can still do that but it will be with a jukebox program from my computer for now. Frank D.

If you liked the old 50's or 60's rock combo that played at your wedding or at your Saturday night after hours club in the 50's and 60's, then this is the place to hear it again. These are some of my favorite songs Composed by other people. I have sequenced some to sound a lot different than the originals to make them more interesting without the vocal, in some cases in very different styles and arrangements. I also tried to maintain the sound of an amateur 50's rock "n" roll band. Some of these songs may not be as good as the originals without voice, but some may even be better. Just listen and let me know what you think. All of the songs on this site have been sequenced by me, but are the copyright of the original comoposers.

My originals and Home Page
My Avant-Garde originals Page
My BIO Page and how this music was sequenced along with pictures of me now and my equipment.
* I'll Wait For You from 1958 *
A Special version I did just for this website
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This Page is dedicated to my old 50's Rock Combo -The Countdowns. Most of the songs here are from the 50's and early 60's. I am Sequencing them to simulate the way we played in the old days, but with new effects that can only be achieved through computer. Now with the aid of MIDI - I can do what couldn't be done in the past with a hard headed Drummer and my lack of experience at that time. Today I can do what I couldn't do 35 or 40 years ago, play with the tightest group possible -"one person". I can do it only because I was there and know what it sounded like. Good luck to all the guys where ever you are. --- Frank D.
The Countdowns : Denny : Al : Bob : Fran : Me.

Me in 1960 While a member of the Countdowns.
Proof that men did wear pink in those days.

My Car at the time.

MP-3 Page (Clips of the Countdowns recorded live 40 years ago.)

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